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NOT UNEMPLOYED ANYMORE!!! - Amaranth and Sky Go Homeless! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Amaranth and Sky Go Homeless!

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NOT UNEMPLOYED ANYMORE!!! [Aug. 12th, 2008|05:17 pm]
Amaranth and Sky Go Homeless!


[Current Mood |working]

I didn't even mention that I have a porch in the front and a clothesline out back, which are the most important parts of a house.

Well Wednesday I applied for a waitressing job, Thursday I got the job, and Friday was my first day. No evenings or weekends and I can wear whatever, which are the most important parts of a job (especially since my road trip clothes should probably be making their way to the trash about now).

It's part-time, meaning I still need another job to remain in Richmond after August... life you're so interesting...

From: roliolio
2008-08-17 11:21 pm (UTC)
still applying? what's happening with the AFS?
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[User Picture]From: worswos
2008-08-20 02:16 am (UTC)
the AFwhat-huh?
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From: roliolio
2008-08-20 03:06 am (UTC)


American Field Service--wasn't that what you were applying for before?---or .....?
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[User Picture]From: worswos
2008-08-20 06:40 pm (UTC)


never heard of it. the piano job is a possibility for next semester though.
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